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Gyanodaya Institute of Nursing

(Approved by INC, New Delhi & Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council Bhopal(MP), M.P Govt.)

About Us

Gyanodaya is rated among the top institute in the entire "Madhya Pradesh". Since its inception 10 years ago, it has been recognized as a "Centre of Excellence" in education, continuously molding our self according to the fast changing Nursing Environment.

We have created multiple platforms that lead them to a journey of self discovery and realization of true potential. Through our innovative programs, latest teaching aids and techniques, we prepare ambitious youngsters to meet the challenges of today's competitive globe and ensure themselves a rewarding career and a glorious future. We prepare students for emerging challenges and awareness for the better tomorrow and demonstrating a passion for excellence and characteristic Gyanodaya brand of commitment.

Every year many students join our college and fulfill their dreams of a successful career. "Buy only dreaming is not sufficient. The key to success is hard work, dedication, sincerity, discipline, self-confidence and punctuality.

We realize that, the education is fundamental for the complete development of individuals. As a premier teaching institute, our primary purpose is to prepare qualified nurses to give a generalized or multipurpose service in home, school and industry. They should also work in the field of administration, supervision, education and training of personals in health services and researches.

It also recognizes the responsibilities of the society for the continued development of student as a good citizen. We also believe that the students have to be well oriented, towards the concept of quality of nursing care, scientific enquiry, communication skills & individual development.

Undergraduate Nursing Program at the post basic level (P.B. B.Sc. Nursing) is a broad based education within an academic framework, which builds upon the skills and competencies at the diploma (GNM) level. Gyanodaya believes that training course at the degree Level (B.Sc. Nursing), gives importance to clinical as well as community field work in establishing a sound nurses patient relationship based on effective communication and problem solving approach.

As world is advancing, the health care sciences are also developing at a very high pace. The college believes in training professional nurses from all states of India to meet the great demand in the field of nursing. Professional nursing is a life - long service to the people.

Gyanodaya is an educational College where the student gain knowledge regarding methods of education in concerned with the practical problems of the learning process to achieve certain objective which today are being designated as prescribed behavior capabilities.

The teachers have the responsibility to be a role model and create learning environment that enables students to acquire inquiry driven, self directed learning and foster an attitude of lifelong learning because we also recognize the need for continued learning for their personal and professional development.