The Gyanodaya Group of Institutes was established in 2003 for providing leadership in education and research with a focus on science, technology and management. The institute is committed to create an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students. We strongly support inter-disciplinary research and development for the benefit of industry and society.

GYANODAYA THE COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE (POLYTECHNIC) is rated among the top institutes in the entire Malva region. Since its inception 10 years ago. it has been recognized as a “centre of excellence” in education, continuously moulding itself according to the fast changing business and social environment. The remarkable sense of community starts in classrooms itself, where synergy can be witnessed among the students and faculties. Our success in the past inspires confidence for the future – confidence in our ability to nurture skill and efforts by our staff and students. Our graduates, equipped with energy and drive, take this team spirit and skill base to the work place, demonstrating a passion for excellence and a characteristic¬†GYANODAYA THE COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE (POLYTECHNIC) brand of commitment and go-getter attitude.